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Sample Pricing for Tox Services

Eagle River Medical Aesthetics offers Tox Injection Botox Anti AgingBoise Eagle Meridian Star Nampa Caldwell Middleton Mountain Home Area.

*Disclaimer: This is a sample pricing list intended for your reference ONLY. Set pricing cannot be determined without an in-person consultation. Please look through these options and click the 'contact us' button below to get an obligation-free consultation set up at your convenience.*

Unit pricing varies by brand-name.


5 to 7 injection sites

4 to 10 units of Botox per site

Women require 20 to 30 units

$200 - $300

Men require 30 to 40 units

$300 - $400

Bunny Lines (nose wrinkles)


Chin (orange peel)


Horizontal Forehead Lines

4 to 8 injection sites

1 to 5 units of Botox per site

Women require 10 to 20 units

$100 - $200


Men require 20 to 30 units

$200 - $300

Perioral (mouth)   

2 to 6 injection sites

1 to 2 units per site

$20 - $120

Crow's Feet (around eyes)

2 to 5 injection sites per eye

3 to 4 units per site

Women require 8 to 16 units per side

$160 - $320

Men require 12 to 16 units per side

$120 - $160

Bank Your Tox

Buy bulk with no expiration

Tox Club

Ask about the Tox Club and how it works.

Gia was great! I really felt like she took the time to listen to my needs and explain exactly what I would be paying for. She made sure how many units I would need and what would work for the facial features I wanted to highlight. Totally recommend!

Sarah Hansen

Speak With 
Medical Expert That Understands

Package Pricing Available!

Eagle River Aesthetics offers package pricing for all clients willing to pay up front for the entire cost of the package. Financing is available by clicking the "apply now!" link below. $300.00 Minimum Purchase Required.

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